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In the year 2024 scientists in Michigan State University created a genome responsible for manipulating specific genes in canines. Eventually the scientists were able to make the wolves have increased muscle growth, and higher reproductive capabilities(edited)

Eventually the wolves broke out and scattered into the dense forests of Michigan

Because of their reproductive capabilities their species begin to explode and cause a massive amount of prey to die. Deer, rabbits, cats, all species of prey were wiped out due to the size and amount of these canines

But when these species of prey passed away, the canines had nothing else to eat. They turned to humans and began hunting humans in the largest wolf packs ever created

Thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of wolves would storm cities just to provide food for the pack(edited)

You and four other people in Northern Michigan get attacked while camping in the forest.

You had two canoes and decide to hop on and swim away

While paddling on a strong current pulls you further from the coast

Strong winds rise and waves begin to crash onto the rocking boat

Paddles do nothing to the increasing force of the storm out in the waters

The land behind is no longer in sight and nothing could be done but pray and hope for the best

A large lightning strike fills the air with light and in front of the two canoes was a large wave.

Time felt like it stopped as it struck onto the two boats like a hammer on an anvil.

You wake up on a beach relieved that the four friends with you are alive

Nobody knows where you are and after walking around you notice that wolves are on this land

The same kind of wolves that attacked them earlier

You and your friends make a table to organize your plans to survive

Build homes and defences to keep your people safe from the wolves at night

Collect wood and stone to build the buildings

The wolves get stronger every night

So brace yourself

                                And have fun
                                                      We'll watch how long you survive ...

Install instructions

When finished downloading the package, so ahead and open it. Click on the game and press extract, in order to extract it from the rar file. Then you can click on the game itself and begin playing.


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